Category Item Deactivation

I’m making use of the Categories. In my latest simulation I have one Category called Regions. The company currently only operates in one Region: the USA. But we wanted to be able to add additional Regions and see what would happen. So we added a number of Items to this Category, such as Germany and Argentina.
The problem is that now we want to examine the output and all the extraneous Regions get multiplied by other Category dimensions and the output is cluttered. I can push “Start Date for Region” out to 2030 and that kills off the data for that Region, but the clutter and calculations remain. So here is my request:
How about adding a special Category called Item Active, with two Items: “Item Active” and “Item Inactive”. The user could link this Item Active Category to any other Category. If any Item in the user’s Category (say, Region) was marked “Item Inactive”, then the system would act as if that Item did not exist. The Item would not appear in calculations, there would be no lines for the Item in the spreadsheet, and the charts would be created without that Item in the legend. The user could control the settings for Item Active programmatically, so, for example, there could be a toggle for including Argentina: if turned to “Item Inactive” it would be as if Argentina was not in the list. Latency would be shorter, charts would be uncluttered, etc.

Hey @wivers - this is an interesting idea!

For now - if you leave the inputs for those inactive category items blank that should mean no numbers flow into the calculations/outputs for that category item.

But I agree it is cluttered until you decide to use them, as they still show up in the category breakdown on each variable even if they’re 0.

Will pass onto the team :slight_smile: