Barcart labeling

I created a bar chart and want to label each bar with its value like in your sample:

I cant find the option to turn that on/off - pls help

Is there a way to influence the axes labeling? With headcount I don’t want to see decimal places on the axis.

I found it - enclosed how to:

More settings:

Variables - click on variable - show label

Hey Christopher, there currently is no direct way to influence the axis labels, but you can achieve this by manually changing the axis-range. There are always 4 gridlines, so if you manually set the range to 0-8 you don’t get decimal places - the gridlines will be at 2, 4, 6 and 8. You can find this option in the advanced setting of the chart:

I know this isn’t ideal - we definitely plan to add more chart-options like this in the future!