The Chart Behind the Scenes

I just created my first model and obtained the following distribution chart for a static time period. I’d like to unravel how this distribution chart was generated -It is based off of Monte Carlo sampling of all of the ranges of my input variables? If so, is there a way for me to obtain what all of those samples were? Is there a way for me to weight the variance of those samples?

Hey @Darlene - congrats on your first model! In answer to your questions:

  • Yes, it is based off monte-carlo sampling for the ranges of your input variables
  • There is not a way to obtain what those samples were, as they’re regenerated each time you refresh or update the model
  • You can “weight the variance” by specifying a probability distribution instead of using our X to Y ranges. e.g. you can write poisson(3) to use a poisson distribution

Hopefully that clears things up - let me know if not! :slight_smile: