Sum Product Vertical Array

Hi, new to Causal here and trying to get my bearings.

I have a list of 4 product prices and 4 percentiles. In excel, I run sumproduct on the price range and the percentiles to get the weighted value of the price. I cannot figure out how to highlight a vertical array in Causal. I messaged tech but they are not online until Sunday it says. Really hoping for an answer! Thanks!

Hey Tiffany! Sumproduct doesn’t exist in Causal as this is usually what Categories are useful for.

You can do this by creating a category called Product, and adding the names of your different products as category items.

You can then create a variable called Price, and explicitly apply the Product category, so you can set different prices for each Product

You can create a second variable called Percentile, in the exact same way.

Then create a third variable called Weighted average price, which just takes Price * Percentile, the top row of the Weighted average price will reflect the weighted average price :slight_smile: (and give you the same exact answer as sumproduct)

Here’s a template you can use if you want to have a play, just click “use this template” at the top-right :slight_smile: Model - Causal

Much appreciated! Thank you!

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