Stacked Bar Chart Totals in Pop-Up

Almost invariably, if I am displaying a stacked bar chart that represents a Categorized variable, I want to see the value of the total of the stacked bar in addition to the individual items of the stacked bar. Currently the pop-up display shows all the items, but not the total. And currently if you create an aggregate variable and add it to the chart, it forces the legend to expand with repetitive ids for each Categorized item, so even the work around doesn’t give a satisfying chart.

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Hi @wivers!

You can display the Total/Aggregate of the category items by hitting Show labels in the chart settings. You can also do this on a variable-by-variable basis by hitting the gear icon on the particular variable you want to see a total label on.


Thanks, Heidi, however:

I was asking for a line representing the totals and then a value showing up in the pop-up box. The digital label of a number you are describing is something different.
With regard to the digital labels: On the charts I have tried them on the numbers are too crowded and the visual quality of the result is poor.

I can almost achieve what I want by creating a new variable which is the aggregate value and then adding it as a second variable - but then the legend gets messed up because each item in the disaggregated variable gets a qualifier to distinguish it from the new aggregated variable. the values show up nicely in the pop-up box except if you have too many items. The total should be at the top. And the slider in the pop-up box doesn’t work because the box moves before the slider can be selected.

The show labels option seldom works because the numbers are too crowded at the top of the bars. Sometimes is great. But the ideal would be a line at the top of the bars showing the total of the bars - then the value pops up in the pop up display. The only problems are: you need to set up that extra total variable and then the chart assumes it needs to append the full descriptor, destroying the legend. Causal could set up a check box to display that total line and avoid triggering the full descriptors and this feature would be very good.

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