Make mouse roller work on the variable pop-up within a chart

I’m often creating charts which have more types of items than can be displayed in the nice pop-up that comes up showing the values at any time selected. Fortunately there is a nice slider on this pop-up that allows you to look at the whole list. Unfortunately this conflicts with the logic used to move the pop-up around so you can only with frustrating timing get the roller on the mouse to be inside the pop-up when you want to roll down. Suggestion: instead of having the mouse roller (or arrows) apply to the pop-up scroller only when the mouse is inside the pop-up, how about having it apply whenever the mouse is inside the entire chart area? This simple change would make the whole feature work great and you could still use the roller to move down the charts by putting the mouse arrow between charts or outside the edges.

Thanks for the feedback! Will bring to the attention of the team!