Live chat stopped working

It says I may have a pop-up blocker on, but in fact have changed nothing.

Thanks for reporting @wivers !

Is it working for you now? If not, do you want to try disabling your ad-blocker for our site? Everything seems to be running fine on our side :slight_smile:

Live chat came back on. Somebody fixed something.
Also, I was getting awful latency issues, and someone looked at that and did something - now it is very quick.


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Hi there, I’ve noted a new reply in Support that tickets will be managed through the direct Slack channel. How do I join the Slack channel?

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Apologies for the confusion, Madelein! While we offer a Slack channel for larger customers on our Business plan, rest assured the support live chat is working as normal and we will continue to be available there!

Heidi, my live chat stopped working again. Pop up blocker never was on. Trying to get in through Chrome. Product works, just live chat says can’t load.
I can’t report the problem through live chat!

Live chat started working again.

Is anyone else running into issues accessing live chat today?

Works for me from Chrome.

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