Freeform PDF download Should be Just Text

I’ve been creating a “Guide” model that has a whole series of free-forms to describe my simulations. I can link a couple of the relevant free-forms into other models inside the simulation so they have local descriptions but still a central place to edit them in the Guide model. This works very well, though there is a naming problem when adding the linkages (they all have the same name).
There is an option to create a pdf of any model. But the pdf recreates the sliders and boxes of the free-forms instead of unfolding all the text into a nice document. I’d like to be able to download my Guide model, which contains 8 or more free-forms, and have all the text unfold like a simple Word document of text in two columns per page.

Hey William! So you basically want your PDF download to look more like a written document than “boxes”?

You are correct. Imagine that I would like to print the contents of my Guide model as an introduction to the simulation. Printing pictures of boxes with hidden text and sliders would not work.
In the model itself, the boxes/sliders make sense because they condense the online view and make it easy to find the relevant information. But a reference document should have the text blown out.