Annotations on graphs

Hi guys,

it would be awesome if it was possible to add annotations to graphs.

Similar to how Google Analytics allows adding annotations.

They could appear as little footnote-numbers, for example, on the respective column, line-point or table cell and you could display a list of all annotations below the graph to facilitate screenshots & sharing outside of Causal.

When hovering, you could simply add the annotations below the variable line to which it relates.

Thank you & Best Regards

Hey Fabian - thanks for the feedback. Were you envisaging something like this?

How do you currently do this in Causal? Have you tried using the freeform text visual as a workaround?

Hey Heidi,

exactly … however GA only features this on the continuous line chart (single dimension) …

For Causal I’d see it really for every chart type, and also such that multiple dimensions are supported (e.g. column chart with grouping):

So far I haven’t built it in Causal, as to me the graphical attachment of the annotation to the graph is a lot more intuitive for the viewer than reading through a list of annotations below and having to relate them back to each period.


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Got it. Thanks for sharing Fabian. We’ll keep this in mind as we develop our visuals :bar_chart: