Allow me to add "key events/milestones" as flags, or comments on timestep/date headers

Hi, guys!

So, here’s another one. Things happen! You might get funding (or lose funding) and want to make a bunch of changes from that point onward.

I would love a way to add certain milestones to the top bar. Having them there as a visual cue would be awesome to begin with. It makes it easier to locate that point in time quickly and keep it in view moving downwards.

Ideally, if I were to move the milestone, I would also be prompted to move the changes I have made to formulas at that timestep and bring them with me. If a product launch etc. is moved, I don’t have to update every single formula, but rather, just move the launch date.

Saying this, note that I realise I could have a launch date or funding date as an input, but that means I would have to make complicated formulas that take that into account at every relevant variable.

If all of this is turns out to be terrible ideas, then at least let me add comments to timestep headers, and I would be greatful!

(I would also like to see a toggle to keep the current date timestep highlighted, and not only the option to move to it and make it blink for a bit)