Inspect to show charts and work for imported variables

The variable inspect feature is very useful because it helps by pointing out dependencies, especially when you are trying to clean up a model by deleting old variables.
First suggestion: add charts to the nodes shown on the graph. Maybe make a chart a square. Then you will know that deleting a variable will ruin a chart.
Second suggestion: currently if a variable is imported from a different model, it doesn’t have the inspect feature - would it be possible to add the inspect feature, but just for the dependencies with the current model?
Third suggestion: when deleting a variable, the system very nicely warns of the dependencies that could be broken, including the fact that the variable was imported to a different model. This is very useful, but the logic to eliminate a variable from this list in the event that its imported version is deleted in the other model has not been implemented. So if you delete the imported variable, back in the original model it still shows as a warning dependency.