Descriptions Cause Display Jumps

If I have set up a description for a variable, the question mark appears in its little circle. If I hover over that question mark, the description appears, and if I then place my cursor in the description text field I can edit the description. This all works fine.
But sometimes if I pass my cursor over the question mark and then continue moving my cursor over nearby columns, the system first pops up the description, then makes the description disappear when I move away, but, and this is the problem, it also causes the field of view to scroll up or down to somewhere else in the model. So just my moving my cursor around I can keep inadvertently jumping somewhere else. This is frustrating, but very frustrating when you don’t know that hovering the question mark is causing the problem, because it then seems like random jumps.

Hey William! This is strange, I’ll pass onto our eng team to look into. Thanks for sharing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: