dayOfMonth also in monthly models (to extrapolate a "month-to-date" value to the full month)

Hi guys,

is there any way currently to get today’s day in Causal ?

I’d like to extrapolate actuals in the current timestep, that are only reflecting the “month to date” values, to the full month

for example by a formula such as

myActualMonthToDate / dayOfMonth * daysInMonth

As far as I can tell the dayOfMonth helper variable only works in daily models.

Would be great if we could have that available also in monthly / quarterly models.

Thanks & Regards

We will definitely consider adding this! We’d love to hear more on your use case. Could you also specify some more use cases where the current day of month will be useful considering that we also have a today helper variable.

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Hey @FabianK – totally get what you’re trying to do.

To follow up on Vayun’s reply:

You’re right, dayOfMonth only works in daily models at the moment, however we will be adding some functionality to Causal in the next few months that makes dealing with dates/days in monthly models far easier and more flexible, so keep your eyes peeled for that update :smile:

And like Vayun said, if you have other ways you might use dayOfMonth in a monthly model, let us know.

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