Reusable functions (Input/output functions)


In a bunch of cases I end up rewriting logic for cases that only have different inputs. For instance, I might have different soft funding payout projections over three time periods tied to our fundraising. It might also depend on which institution is providing the soft funding (pure grant, matched funding, etc.)

So instead of copying the function for soft funding payouts over and over and switching out the dependencies (which is prone to errors), I would love to make one “soft funding payout calculator” and connect various inputs.

Below I’ve added a chart to exemplify how this could work. I don’t know if this should be a “how could I” vs. a feature request, but I have a hunch I might be able to do this with categories somehow.


Hi @Kvam,

As you suggest, you can achieve this aim with the use of Categories. If you created a Funding Round Category with items: Pre Seed, Seed and Series A then you only need the one variable Payout Structure and the Input variable broken down by the Funding Round category item and you can achieve the same outputs with one formula!

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